• System-Level Design
  • Software/Hardware Multimedia Systems
  • Testing and Verification of Software and Hardware Systems
  • Programming of Reactive Systems
  • Signal Processing of Communication Systems
  • Information and Coding Theory
  • Digital Image Processing

Msc/Bsc Theses


  • Michał Kochel – Techniques for computation acceleration for multimedia data acquisition using OpenCL


  • Filip Bławzdziewicz – Genetic algorithm application for lossless image compression


  • Daniel Olszak – Multi-criteria optimization of a Network on Chip architecture
  • Łukasz Koreń – Probabilistic analysis of traffic in Network on Chip
  • Bartosz Chojnacki – Routing tracts determination algorithm using multi-path routers in Network on Chip
  • Karol Abramczyk – Effectiveness of parallel processing in Network on Chip
  • Krzysztof Kłobucki – Isolated Speech Recognition on an Embeded System with Limited Resources


  • Piotr Karasiak – Correcting codes dedicated to error-proof Network on Chip
  • Karol Grządziel – Link-utilization adaptive routing algorithms for NoC
  • Łukasz Czarnecki – Adaptive Tree-based Multicast Routing in Network on Chip Architecture
  • Łukasz Kozakiewicz – Automatic restoration of audio signals on the hardware-software platform
  • Andrzej Godziuk – Guaranteed throughput and best effort streams in a Network on Chip model
  • Paweł Dondziak – Audio coding techniques in homogeneous Network on Chip


  • Renata Węglarska – Authorised access to network resources using speech signal features
  • Paweł Stolarski – Packet scheduling algorithms utilization for on-chip networks
  • Sambor Gogacz – Deadlock recovery in on chip networks
  • Łukasz Tyczyński – Shared memory in Network on Chip Architecture
  • Jacek Zbylut – Signal processing algorithms mapping for Network on Chips
  • Marcin Żołnowski – Implementation transport layer for on chip networks
  • Maciej Wojszkun – Contemporary lossless video codec analysis decreasing error transmission rate
  • Artur Pieluszczak – Multi-layered Network on Chip architectures
  • Leszek Surudo – Congestion control in Network on Chip


  • Cezary Dunaj – Source coding effectiveness analysis in transmission systems
  • Krzysztof Czugała – Speech signal reconstruction techniques in transmission systems
  • Łukasz Czabanowski – Routing adaptation for changing Network on Chip architecture


  • Sylwester Kaczmarek – Software implementation of MPEG-7 descriptors’ subset for mobile devices